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Light plays an important role in our livelihood, be it a small family who requires light for the night; or a fine dining restaurant located at the rooftop of a skyscraper. We all need light. We see a tremendous lighting evolution since the invention of incandescent light bulb, it started from a simple incandescent light bulb that evolves to a compact fluorescent light and today; everyone is talking about LED.

For more than a decade, the YETPlus name has been synonymous with the highest quality product and standards in the consumer lighting industry. The status has been reinforced with the company’s ongoing investment in the core sectors that include People, Process and Technology. Maintaining a premium brand position requires an ongoing commitment to excellence and we further demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of strict quality control at every stage of process and production, beginning with sourcing and continuing through delivery. This dedication has helped establish and sustain the brand as a down light market leader in Malaysia, fulfilling approximately 70-80% of the demand for products.

We have come a long way; since 1994, we expand our business rapidly and in order to meet the overwhelming demand, we recently centralized our warehouse operation with a new acquisition of a new warehouse in Rawang, Malaysia. Our commitment to high quality product also leads us to set up a manufacturing and assembly line in Rawang. This line is especially dedicated for premium products namely the Platinum Series. Our effort is recognized globally when we were awarded with the Superbrands status – Malaysia’s choice in the Consumer Lighting Category. Not to miss out, we won HomeDec Quality Awards in two consecutive years.

YETPlus recently entered a partnership agreement with PHILIPS as OEM partner, increasing its product offerings. This partnership ensures the down light purchase by our end customer is made of high quality and that will eventually saves you money. Our journey does not end just yet. We will continue to develop world class product to ensure our end customer would be able to use it at an affordable price.

– Adam So –

Adam So - Founder / MD
Adam So - Founder / MD
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